In the mobile app, the Addresses page, which is a list view of all voters, you can search the street name, it will pull all voters on the street and you can update them from the search page.

The data in the dashboard can be searched from the address list if you know the street address or in the reports list under not visited, you can find anyone you have not yet entered a support status. You can search by opening the magnifying glass icon and enter the street or last name.

Reports & Stats

All of the information collected in the mobile app is available on lists in the database. You can select the data set you want under REPORTS and download the file in CSV format for further analysis. There are global daily stats available in the dashboard graphics which can be captured in a screenshot at the end of each day and compared to the next day.
Further customization can be done to generate data analytics if requested and scoped by the client.

Adding Address & Resident

Yes, in the online dashboard, a manager can add a new address by navigating to Addresses page and clicking Add Address on top right corner. It should open a dialog box to enter new address details.

Website Dashboard : 
You can navigate to Addresses page and search for an address where you need to add a person. Click View Address and then Add Resident button will show up in the popup.

Mobile App : 
The Add Resident feature is available in the mobile app when using the map view, select a voter then VIEW DETAILS and you will see the ADD RESIDENT option at the top of the page.

Voter Turnout Data

On the app you will be able to view the Advanced Polls and Election Day voter turnout from Elections Manitoba as soon it is uploaded on the back end when you go to the Map View – select Voted and filter by Voted – Yes or No and Supporter -Yes/No so you can run GOTV from the app. You can also see this on the dashboard under REPORTS -Advanced Polls, there is a graphic of overall voter turnout and you can filter by poll number as well. Once Eday happens those automatic updates from Elections Mb will show on the app and the dashboard under Advance Polls.

User Access Levels

The access levels are:

Admin – they can access all aspects of the app and the website.  Admin’s can add other admins and any other level below them as users. Admin also has access to settings page where volunteer script(for door knock) is added.

Manager – can access the app and the website – Both managers and admins can add new physical addresses – they can add other users at Manager level or below only

Employee – can access the app and the website and can add users at Employee level and below

Volunteer – can only access the mobile app

Missing Info

Polls in Campaign Compass are added from either Party’s existing file or Province provides the data. If some polls are missing, it is likely that we did not receive those polls from our sources and we would update them in future when we receive data from Province.

However, missing polls does not mean that the addresses  are missing, the voters and addresses are still going to be there. They are just not mapped to the missing poll.