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Campaign Compass provides an intuitive, all-in-one platform designed to streamline the campaign planning process and enhance engagement with supporters. Our platform simplifies and automates manual tasks, freeing up valuable time and resources to focus on the most important elements of your campaign.

Key Features

A robust campaign platform, built with AI

Centralize your election campaign management and monitoring in a unified platform.

Use Your Existing Database

Import your existing data into a central database including custom fields. With advance AI deduplication builtin your data stays clean.

Custom Reports

Gain insights into your campaign with custom on-demand reports. daily, hourly weekly, and monthly email updates.

Real-Time Monitoring ​

Stay informed about your followers' involvement, monitor the effects of your decisions, and instantly see the regions affected on the map.

Mobile App

The complimentary mobile app keeps your team up to date. With built-in map support for door-to-door canvassing.

GDPR Compliant

Our platform was built with security in mind and follows GDPR Compliance. All of the data is hosted in Canada.

Dedicated Support

From the start of your campaign until the end your team will have access to dedicated support to run a successful campaign.


Data At A Glance

Harness the power of data to see the big picture. Identify profiles and priority areas to target. Track your progress through all stages of a campaign.

mobile app

Paperless Door-To-Door Canvassing

Campaign Compass provides a quick, easy-to-use mobile app for organizing canvassing routes. Its intuitive interface allows you to create optimized lists for your volunteers, making it a breeze for them to find their way around. 

Offline Mode

Work from your mobile app when in areas with limited internet connectivity. Data is automatically synced next time you connect to internet

Activity In Real-Time

Send walk-list assignments directly to your canvassers' mobile devices. Keep in touch with your team with live location updates. Eliminate time-consuming post-canvassing data entry.

Available for iOS & Android. 

See the bigger picture

Visual Maps

See your campaign from a bird’s eye view of the areas you need to focus on. We use Google’s engine to resolve addresses to the exact location.


Ask The Right Questions

Find out answers to your most important questions. Schedule questions to be asked to voters and use it to make informed decisions.  

Our campaign was experiencing rapid growth, so we needed a rock-solid platform to support us, and Campaign Compass enabled us to reach new heights.

Kelvin Klein


Product Versions

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Mobile App
Custom Reports
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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, If you are able to provide us the data in an excel file we can import all of it including any custom values.

We have built our software to be very versatile. If there is something missing we can work with you and our developers to build that feature into your campaign.  

Campaign Compass has been built as a campaign management tool. It has a mobile application that assists with voter engagement while door knocking, attending events or in meetings. It also has a database which contains powerful analytics and tools to enhance your understanding of the information gathered on the ground and to inform your campaign strategy to build your momentum toward a successful outcome.

Yes, Campaign Compass as a web application works across all platforms in the desktop and mobile formats. It is easy to access and use in any situation.

Yes, Campaign Compass can be customized and scaled to adapt to any size of election campaign. It has been used in both civic and provincial elections for individual and multiple constituency campaigns.

Campaign Compass’ service package includes training and support to ensure that users are set up for success with its use on a campaign. It has been created to include intuitive logic, similar to a search engine and includes an interactive map for locating voters and developing an engagement strategy.

Campaign Compass is built to work in an offline environment. When you first log into the application, you must be connected to the internet, if you lose connection while you are campaigning, the data will be saved on your device and uploaded when you return to connectivity.

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